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Meal Prep: Prioritize Your Nutrition

Nutrition plays a crucial role in performance, and for that reason, athletes must prioritize it. One way to safely check this off the list is to prepare your meals ahead of time. Meal prep has many potential benefits that can come in handy with an athlete's busy schedule. You can save money instead of blowing it on fast foods and eating out, and you can save precious time instead of shopping and cooking daily.

Prepping meals ahead of time for the whole week gives you an overall awareness and knowledge on how well you're doing on fuelling your body on a long-term forecast instead of focusing only on the day. This improves the quality of your diet and reduces food waste, as you will buy only what you need and use. Lastly, it eliminate the stress of the eternal question: "What am I going to eat today?"


⌚ Think about your week and training schedule: how many times will you work out? when do you need to eat on each given day?

🛒 Make a shopping list of nutritious and easy-to-cook ingredients

📋 Make a weekly meal plan of recipes and dishes you like

🔪Cook once for several days ahead, for example on Sunday afternoon for 2 to 3 days ahead.

🍱 Store in grab and go containers, and make good use of your freezer for storing meals from different cooking batches. Make sure to label them with a date, though!

🍏 Make sure you always buy fresh fruits and veggies for snacking

Want me to do all the heavy lifting?

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