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Taimur Cantoni Nutrition



Cantoni Performance Nutrition was established in 2020 by Taimur Cantoni, a certified sports nutritionist and competitive rower based in Switzerland. Cantoni Performance Nutrition aims to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their full potential with performance boosting nutrition, counseling and education.


The mission is to guide athletes through overcoming their daily struggles with what to eat, how to manage their time and how to recover better by offering individual nutritional consultations and valuable nutritional education and coaching – all in an effort to improve poor athletic performance.


Cantoni Performance Nutrition plans are designed to pay particular attention to dietary intake before, during and after training and competition windows, not only by analysing the macros and nutrition habits of our clients, but also walking them through a more holistic approach to gaining a competitive edge over opponents.


For non-athletes, Taimur wishes to share his personal experience and insight on how to live a healthier, balanced and more fulfilling life. Even if you are behind a screen for eight hours a day or parenting young kids, you can achieve a balance in life through nutrition, exercise, and rest.

Meet Taimur


I’m Taimur, a food-loving rowing junkie! I currently live In Luzern, Switzerland but I’m half-Italian, half-Egyptian - born in Udine, Italy and raised in Cairo, Egypt. My journey into competitive sports started at the age of 12, after healing from a unicameral bone cyst in my femur, and since then I cannot get enough of training, competing and fuelling my body. In my 22 years of competitive rowing. I have rowed for several clubs in Egypt, Canada and Switzerland. I currently row for See Club Luzern and have participated in over 80 races nationally and internationally.  

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Economics, I spent 10 years working in various multinational companies in Egypt and Switzerland, which forced me to stay away from competitive sports and caused me to lose touch with my health and physical fitness. I ended up sustaining a back injury and a few surgeries in my knee that forced me out of sports for two years until I was able to fully recover. My passion for competitive sports, food and finding optimal performance was definitely a motivating and driving force to pursue this business venture. I transformed it from just an idea to actually enrolling and obtaining a post-graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition from AFPA in the United States in order to support and guide athletes to optimal performance.

I look back at my journey so far and these periods of overcoming adversity as the building blocks and foundation for what is now my main focus and pleasure; competitive rowing, fuelling my body with great food, managing my time, and tapping into my inner self to harness my determination and diligence for sports, work and family.

It would be my absolute pleasure to help fellow athletes, sports people, and lovers of health and fitness to accomplish exactly the same and become the best version of themselves.


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