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5 Reasons to Eat Okra

Okra, otherwise known as 'bamya' in Egypt, is a delicious subtropical vegetable with amazing health benefits for your body and mind! It's distinct taste has a sweetness and interesting texture depending on how you cook it. Here are a few reasons why I absolutely love including it in my meal plans.

🤓 Okra is an excellent source of vitamin C and K1. Water soluble vitamin C contributes to your immune function while fat soluble K1 known for its role in blood clotting.

✅ It's a very rich source of fiber and assists in maintaining healthy digestion, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and possibly colon cancer

🩸Manages blood glucose levels and regulates diabetes mellitus, while also decreasing the amount of cholesterol and lipids within the blood.

🧠 Decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders and reverses the damage that may be caused by oxidative stress to the brain.

🫀 Okra's high folate (37 micrograms!) can protect the heart by increasing the production of nitric oxide and attacking harmful superoxide radicals. It also aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, protein, and fat while allowing your body to generate new cells.

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