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cantoni performance nutrition

Cantoni Performance Nutrition specializes in helping and supporting athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their full potential with performance boosting nutrition, counseling and education. Our one-on-one sessions will cover the type of food to eat, quantities and timings of meal and fluid intake, and provide customized nutrition plans to help you reach the best level of performance and results.


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Your comprehensive entry point to optimized performance in sport. You will receive
a detailed evaluation of where you stand and personalized meal plans to gain peak
levels of performance.

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Get ready to compete with a powerful finish. Strategies for optimal recovery, a fueling plan, vitamin and mineral supplementation - our competition preparation regimen is unstoppable.

Taimur Cantoni Nutrition

Need nutrition coaching for a small or large group of people? We can customize seminars and workshops to suit any nutrition topic and motivate people to reach new goals in their health and wellness.

1:1 Nutritional Coaching

Competition Preparation

Seminars / Workshops

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Before I met Taimur and worked with him, I couldn't use my full potential due to lack of knowledge in sports nutrition. After working with him, my knowledge increased and I understood more about it. If I don't understand something, he is the man to ask and I always get the right answer or solution from him. Thanks to him, I could maximize my performance and potential for the Swiss Champs, U23EM and physical tests. Thank you Taimur!

Maurin Lange 
6x SwissChamp

U23EM Bronze

U23 Swiss Team

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